Seeing e-commerce websites out there that do not have blogs really puzzles me. One thing most people fail to acknowledge is that fierce competition exists in the online world. So gaining the victory over such competitions is the only key to have a successful business online. You should consider incorporating a blog into your e-commerce web design and development.

Why? This is essential for the following reason:

  1. Blogs do not cost a dime and can be updated easily. An open-source blog such as WordPress is totally free.
  2. Blogs can be created in a little time, say ten minutes. Filling up a blog with content is as simple as your A to Z. This allows for fresh updates and high search engine rankings for your site.
  3. Most search engines are addicted to blogs. While this might seem easy, it really requires that you update your blog with fresh material.

A blog cannot be passed for an e-commerce site. Updating your e-commerce site’s content will increase its page rank. Nonetheless, blogs provide plenty of benefits that are a rarity for most e-commerce stores.

The benefits derived from blogging are outlined below:

Blog directories that enjoy high page ranking about and your blog can easily pick a spot among the RSS. E-commerce websites cannot be listed in these directories as they are only meant for blogs.

Blogs also enable you to use long chains of keywords for your business. A keyword such as “Bradley 20 X 45 azure pillar tent sleeps 5” will look odd and weird on an e-commerce site. You can, however, post contents on a blog containing such a keyword, with a cross-link to the e-commerce store. As your blog’s size increases, you will have lots of post content that contains long-chain keywords; and hence, increased traffic.

Finally, since your blog’s content was written when you were relaxed, they would sound more natural. This will kick your blog all the way to the search result list.

Give yourself a brand and get into discussions with your customers. Blogs already have an avenue for this; enabling you to build a relationship with them. Your blog content should contain information on your business, new products and services and other stuff that would capture the interest of your viewers.

Most blogs contain plug-ins that allow people to take polls. If you have a red-hot business issue, polls are good ways to their opinion. You would probably consider blogging in different facets of your online business and this will make you a professional in the area of e-commerce website design and development.

If your business involves the sales of computer, you should give their technical specifications, date of manufacture and perhaps, tips on how best to use the computers. This will push you into the spotlight.

The advantages outlined above can give you an edge in an online competitive world. You should not jump into blogging without first seeking the advice of a corporate web design consulting firm; remember it requires a lot of devoted efforts.